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Sales Letter for a book:


There’s a continuous money source hidden in your house!

Every home has this incredible, never-ending source of abundance… even yours!  And it’s ALWAYS located in the exact, same place!  

Simple secrets unlock these abundance-producing powers … ancient secrets tried and proven by the Chinese for thousands of years.  Anybody can use these simple secrets.  They’re so easy to do, you’ll be amazed!

You don’t have to buy anything.  You don’t have to build anything.  You don’t have to do anything weird.  You don’t have to SELL anything!

Norm B. asked why he was having so much trouble with his engineering business.  Even though he was ready to retire, he hadn’t saved enough.  He was willing to work for his abundance.

Then he learned the secret of putting the money source in his home into action. Three weeks later he received a letter in the mail.  It was an unexpected government award of $3,200 a month for life for his exposure to Agent Orange in the Gulf War!

Before learning this secret, Norm had been inadvertently blocking these abundance-producing powers.  Many people do, not realizing it.  They wonder why they can’t get ahead.  They work hard.  They do what they think they need to do, but somehow it never seems to work out.

Some people even scoff when they discover the secret.  They don’t believe it.

To tell the truth, I didn’t either when I first heard about it.  But I stayed open-minded. I tried it.  I was blown away with the results!

Now, after using this secret for years, I’m ready to share it with you.

But creating financial abundance isn’t the only thing this secret is capable of producing for you!

Want to improve your personal relationships?  Simple.

Want to improve your interactions with family?  You can do that too.

Want to take another step in your professional life?  No problem!

Need to take positive steps in self-improvement and knowledge? The secret covers that too!

In fact, this secret has so many applications; I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people what this simple secret is and how to use it in every aspect of their lives!

Over the past dozen years, I’ve charged individuals hundreds of dollars for consultations showing them how to use this almost magical secret locked in their own homes and workplaces.  


In fact, I still do.

But now, you can learn this amazing, abundance-unlocking key for a fraction of the price.

My book, “The Home Whisperer – Feng Shui Simplified,” combines the ancient Chinese wisdom of harmonious interactions with our traditional Western mental paradigms to present a comprehensive insight into the art of placement.

If you have the wrong color in this part of your home, you can be blocking abundance.  If you have this shape in the right place in your home, it boosts your fame!  Water symbols in this part of your house can affect your career.

Find out how in this incredible book.

A single consultation normally costs several times the price of this entire work.  But it’s not going to cost you $129 like so many people have told me to charge.  It won’t even cost you $59.95.  People have told me I’m nuts for not getting at least this much.

Here’s the thing.  These secrets have been very kind to me.  Now I want to make sure that EVERYBODY can enjoy the same great fortune I’ve been able to enjoy.

So I’m offering it for just $22.99.  I know.  I’m crazy. But I don’t care!  I want YOU to have it!

And I especially want it to help you in these uncertain times.  Make 2019 your best year ever!  Give yourself a Christmas present you'll never forget!  Give your family members a gift that will keep giving for years and years to come!

Go to http://homewhisperer.net/products.html and order several TODAY!  Order before Christmas Eve and be the Santa who gives gifts that continue giving for a lifetime!

I hope your holidays are nothing short of tremendous!

Happy Holidays and all my love always,

Sharon Hathcock

P. S.  You’re going to be SO glad you did this!


Email #1 in an autoresponder series:  


Subject Line: Thanks for your request 

Dear <first name>:

Thank you for requesting your gift certificate for your free consultation with Dr. XXXX. 

When we’re burdened with pain, life just isn’t what it could be … or SHOULD be. Amazingly, problems with spinal nerves cause other problems in our bodies too. Things like indigestion, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, being chronically tired, cramps, anxiety … things we’d never realize had anything to do with our spine. 

Rick B. still had a problem with his upper back and neck a year after his auto accident. The doctors had done all they could. They told him he’d just have to live with it. Frustrated, he tried chiropractic. His neck and mid back pain resolved … and other things got better too. He was excited when the headaches he’d had regularly for years stopped too. He had more energy. He slept like a baby. He felt even better than he’d felt before the accident.

But Dr. XXXX doesn’t limit himself to just the spine. He’s  a “full-skeletal” chiropractor. He can work with foot problems, knee problems and hip problems. He can work with carpal tunnel syndrome, a sore elbow, or pain in your shoulders. In fact, if there’s a sore joint anywhere in your body, he can work with it.

Here’s the thing. For most of us who aren’t doctors ourselves, it’s hard to tell exactly what the problem is. Is it a joint problem? Is it a sore muscle? Is there something missing in our diet? Are we eating something that’s getting us in trouble? 

In order to legally wear the title of “doctor,” chiropractors have know how to diagnose anything a family practitioner might. That way, he can send you to another kind of doctor when you need it. 

Unfortunately, medical doctors don’t know how to diagnose a chiropractic problem so they don’t know when you need to see a chiropractor.

The ONLY way you can find out if a chiropractor can resolve your problem is to have an examination by a trained, licensed doctor of chiropractic like Dr. XXXX.

Now is your opportunity. The gift certificate is in your hands now. Your appointment is only a phone call away. Call (205) 123-4567 today. Dr. XXXX keeps dedicated space open in his daily schedule to see people for this special consultation.

And it’s absolutely FREE!  If Dr. XXXX finds that your problem is NOT a chiropractic issue, he’ll tell you. And he’ll suggest the kind of doctor you should consult. 

If your problem IS a chiropractic problem, you’ll be in the best of hands and he’ll help you set up an appointment to get you started.

Give Dr. XXXX a call today! You’ll be glad you did.

P.S: Call today even if you need to make your appointment for a different day. Don’t put it off any longer. Grab your phone and call right now. Get this one taken care of!


Blog post: 


Magnesium Benefits

I was under the stress of running four businesses and dealing with the aftermath of my wife’s recent heart surgery. It scared me into paying some attention to my own health too. So first, I acknowledged the fact that I could feel my heart pounding every day. 

I stopped at the grocery store blood pressure chair.  I thought it was broken, the reading was so high. I tried another grocery store a week later … still, a similarly high reading. So I had my associate doctor check it in the office. It verified the other readings. I had to admit it. I had to do something, and soon.

The medical people weren’t doing an adequate job with my wife, so I took a different avenue. I found a naturopath with a naturopathic cardiologist in his office. They told me I needed to go on some blood pressure meds BUT that we would have an exit strategy before we started. I liked that. 

These docs weren’t content with drugging the effect of something and leaving it at that. Their approach was to get me healthy so I didn’t NEED to drug any symptoms.

They found some specific health issues and started addressing them. They also put me on natural supplements known for reducing blood pressure naturally. Over the following few weeks, my blood pressure dropped into a comfortable range approaching ideal.

Two of the supplements seemed to make a big difference for me. The more significant of the two was magnesium malate. 

Newsmax.com says of magnesium: Magnesium regulates high blood pressure (Hypertension) Magnesium plays a key role in regulating blood pressure naturally. Magnesium supplements and a diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are good sources of potassium and magnesium, are consistently associated with lowering blood pressure.”

Additionally, the site outlines magnesium’s power for preventing other forms of cardiovascular disease, reversing osteoporosis, treating diabetes, migraines, insomnia and depression.

For people with dry skin, especially with dry, cracking skin around the edges of the heels, magnesium can be a godsend. Calcium and magnesium have to function within a certain ratio or the calcium deposits in the skin instead of the bones. Most Americans have calcium levels that far outweigh the normal balance of magnesium. Bringing the magnesium level up to more optimum levels is the approach of choice because of the many additional benefits of supplementing with this vital mineral.

The literature, unfortunately, shows that because of today’s agricultural practices, we can't get the amount of magnesium we need from our fruits and veggies alone any more.

I typically recommend 1200 mg of magnesium daily. Therapeutic doses can range higher.

Opinions vary as to the most beneficial form. Magnesium citrate, for instance, has been said to “go right through you,” whereas other forms perform at various levels of effectiveness. The form I use and recommend is magnesium malate.

A dose of a couple thousand milligrams daily may produce some loose stools. If you find this to be true for you after a few weeks of use, just reduce the daily dose. But I believe supplementing with magnesium is a good strategy for most Americans over 40.

We need magnesium for more than 300 body functions including healthy nerve functions, energy, healthy bone density and regulating body temperature. It’s even good for minimizing PMS symptoms! Lots of people suffering from muscle cramps believe they’re short on calcium when they actually need more magnesium.

The list of magnesium benefits is nearly as long as those for vitamin C!

Give it a try, today!

P.S. The naturopaths did such a great job with me, we took my wife to them and she’s doing a lot better now! It’s Chambers Clinic in Scottsdale. Tell them I sent you and get 25% off your first visit!


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